The 10th October, 2015 started the “VISTART- Vigilance and Inspection for the Safety of Transfusion, Assisted Reproduction and Transplantation” Joint Action, coordinated by the Italian National Transplant Center and the Italian National Blood Centre. The Action, involving 17 National Organizations belonging to 14 EU Member States and 21 National Organizations as partners, is co-financed by the program dedicated to the Health of the European Union.

The Joint Action aims at supporting the Member States of the European Union to improve and implement quality and safety requirements set out in European Directives over the years, in the blood , tissues and reproductive cells sectors. Therefore the Accessing Countries will work together to facilitate harmonization of inspection, authorization and vigilance systems, while strengthening cooperation and trust among the respective national programs.

The transfusion, transplants and of assisted reproduction systems have been carefully reviewed at European level; however, in view of a common legal framework, each Member Country is responsible for the implementation of the requirements required by the European Directives on Quality and Safety. This Joint Action will offer the opportunity to work together for the first time with the aim of standardizing the systems of the Member Countries, focusing on compatibility, harmonization and inter communicability of the different national programs .

VISTART which will run for 36 months, also comes from previous EU funded projects, coordinated respectively by National Transplant Center and the National Blood Centre. Entrusting the coordination to two technical bodies of the Ministry of Health, established at the National Institute of Health, testifies the leadership taken by our country at the European level. A further recognition of the quality and safety achieved by our systems in the field of blood transfusion, organ donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells.

Brochure: LAYMAN_BROCHURE_Vistart_final
Web site: https://vistart-ja.eu/

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