SAT (South Transplant Alliance)

The main objective of the South Transplant Alliance is to establish a formal accord of cooperation between the competent bodies for the donation and transplantation of human substances for countries in the South West of Europe. The idea of this cooperation arises from the interest of Italy, France and Spain to find shared solutions to the same problems, the three organizations have common bioethical principles in the field of organ donation and transplantation, all have a similar organizational and regulatory system, and their business is largely based on the transplant from cadaveric donor. These forms of agreement are much more interesting, in the light of the transposition of the European Directive 53/2010 on the quality and safety in the donation and transplantation of organs from the Member States, which makes it particularly necessary to develop common strategies among national organizations. The promoters of this initiative are the national organizations for transplantation of Italy, France and Spain, namely CNT, the Agence de la biomédecine and Organizacion Nacional de Transplantes.

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