Recognizing the importance of surveillance in the context of the therapeutic uses of organs, tissues and cells, the 63rd World Health Assembly (GENEVA, 17-21 May 2010) entrusted the WHO to “facilitate the access of Member States to adequate information on the donation, processing and transplantation of cells, tissues and organs of human origin. “in response to this mandate, the WHO, CNT and the European project SOHO V & S have created since 2011 an initiative to increase attention on Vigilance and Surveillance: the project NOTIFY. 10 working groups of international experts have collected and discussed documented cases of serious adverse events and reactions related to their field of expertise. Important result of this initiative is the NOTIFY LIBRARY, coordinated by ‘WHO and developed by the CNT, with the collaboration of over 150 physicians, scientists and institutional representatives of 40 different countries, with the goal of making the first “digital library” world of public consultation, that could collect the experience of adverse events and reactions in transplantation of organs, tissues and cells (including reproductive cells). In addition to an updated bibliography, organized by key topics, you can also see a detailed analysis of how adverse events and reactions have been identified by clinicians around the world and how the causes of these events have been confirmed.

Website: www.notifylibrary.org

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