MTN (Mediterranean Transplant Network)

The “Mediterranean Transplant Network” (MTN) is a network of cooperation among national agencies for the donation and organ transplants or Ministries of Health of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, founded in 2008 on the basis of an intensive clinical and institutional cooperation in the field of organ transplantation already ‘in place since 2005 among Italy and some countries of the Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East.

Main objective of this cooperation, promoted by CNT and the Italian Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Regional Transplant Centre of Sicily and the Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies is the transfer of models and policies in those countries for the increase and improvement of the activity of donation, procurement and transplantation.

The signatory countries of this initiative are Tunisia, Libya, Israel, Morocco, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Italy. the Region of Sicily is entrusted with the Secretariat , in the name and on behalf of the National Transplant Network. MTN initiatives are in fact open to cooperation of any Italian transplant center who wants to join.

The specific objectives of the MTN are: the recognition of the need for organization and training of the participating countries; the definition and implementation of training programs for health professionals in the field; the creation of an information network of collaboration that facilitates the exchange of information and data on the activity; the definition of organizational models for activities on organ donation and transplantation in line with international guidelines. For the years 2010-2013, the MTN has benefited from a dedicated funding of the Italian Ministry of Health, which has enabled us to carry out important activities on training as well as the start up.

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