MODE Joint action (Mutual Organ Donation Exchanges)

Jan. 2011 – June 2012

CNT Coordinator

The joint action MODE is co-funded by the Health and Consumer protection Directorate General of the European Commission under the Public Health Programme and is coordinated by CNT with the participation of other ten European partners. The objective is to facilitate the transfer of good practices in the field of transplantation between partner countries and to create synergies between the different Member States to support the authorities in the organization and implementation of health policies in the field.

Documents: flyerwhite paper

Bibliography. Di Ciaccio P, Ferraro C, Brezovsky P, Martìn-Escobar E, Nanni Costa A: “The joint action MODE (Mutual Organ Donation and Transplantation Exchanges): a sound contribution to implementation of health policies in organ donation and transplantation”. Archives of Public Health 2013; 71:3

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