EUROCET (EUROpean Registry on Organs Cells and Tissues)

Sept. 2005 – Feb.2007

CNT Coordinator

Built on EURODONOR project, EUROCET had as its purpose the collection of European data on donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells, from all the countries that has joined the European Union since 2004 Since the end of the financing by DG INFSO in February 2007 the portal is funded by CNT and collects, on behalf of the European Commission, the data on the activity of donation and transplantation of tissues and cells by the Competent Authorities in Europe, and the list of tissue banks authorized in each Member State.

Website: www.eurocet.org.

Documents: flyer
Bibliography. Ghirardini A, Mareri M, Di Ciaccio Paola, Vespasiano F, Nanni Costa A: “EUROCET: The European Network of the Competent Authorities for Tissue and Cells”. Blood and Transplant Matters 2010, 30: 22-26

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