EULIVING (European Living Donation and Public Health)

May 2007 – Oct. 2009

CNT associated partner WP5 – Living donor protection and information dissemination

The project aimed to achieve an overview of the legal and ethical issues related to living donation, as well as the implementation of a computerized registry and the drafting of specific recommendations. An information leaflet was also produced for the public about living donation, originally developed in English and later translated into several languages (Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian), in order to be distributed to the public through dedicated events at kidney and liver transplant centres.

Website: www.eulivingdonor.eu.

Documents: English version of leaflet, article on Transpl Proceed

Bibliography. Manyalich M, Ricart A, Martínez I, Balleste C, Paredes D, Vilardell J, Avsec D, Dias L, Fehrman-Eckholm I, Hiesse C, Kyriakides G, Line PD, Maxwell A, Nanni Costa A, Paez G, Turcu R, Walaszewski J. “EULID project: European living donation and public health”. Transplantation Proceedings 2009, 41, 2012-2024.

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