Training and social awareness for increasing organ donation in the European Union and neighbouring countries

The “Eudonorgan” (Training and social awareness for increasing organ donation in the European Union and neighbouring countries) project started in September 2016.

Eudonorgan is coordinated by the University of Barcelona and co-funded by the European Commission.

The objective of the three-year project is to increase the donation of organs and tissues through targeted actions in the field of training and communication.

Specific ad hoc online and face to face training will be provided, dedicated to healthcare professionals and all donor stakeholders, such as  associations, journalists,  various competent authorities at national and regional level.

During the training course, the topic of donation in all its aspects will be taken into account (organs, tissues and hematopoietic stem cells), identifying an integrated and complete communication formula. The project will involve about 400 people from the European Union and neighboring countries.

There are two parallel training paths, a first pathway dedicated to staff working in the donation field so that they can train other colleagues and a second path instead  aimed at people who do not work in the donation field, as journalists or patient associations, but may have a positive impact on increasing donation in their country.

It is also expected that six events will be held to raise awareness and promote the culture of gift culture in many countries of the European Union.

Website: http://eudonorgan.eu/

“Eudonorgan” consortium:

  • University of Barcelona – Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (UB-FBG): coordinator;
  • Donation and Transplantation Institute (DTI)- Barcellona: training;
  • Slovenjia Transplant: dissemination;
  • Croatian Transplant and Biomedicine Center: organization of social events;
  • Italian National Transplant Centre: dissemination;
  • Dinamia Sociedad Cooperativa (Spagna):evaluation.

brochure: Leaflet A5 EUDONORGAN web pagine affiancate

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