ETPOD (European Training Program on Organ Donation)

Jan. 2007 – Dec. 2009

CNT responsible Group 1 – Identifying training needs and implementing database

The purpose of ETPOD was to structure and validate a European program of training on the donation for the staff involved in the process of organ donation to increase awareness in the field of organ donation, increase the rate of donation and disseminate reliable information within the scientific community. 3291 health professionals have attended local seminars in the identified 25 areas through a training program for trainers. During these seminars, the know-how acquired he was transferred in the individual hospitals. At the end of the project the number of donors used in the areas identified was increased by 27.8%, while the number of the organ retrieved per donor to 19.4%.

Website: www.etpod.eu.

Documents: for further details please visit the project dissemination website

Bibliography. Manyalich, M., Guasch, X., Páez, G., Valero, R.; del Río, M., and ETPOD Partner Consortium. Essentials in Organ Donation Seminars in the European Training program for Organ Donation (ETPOD). Transplantation 2010, 90, 551.

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