ETN (European Transplant Network)

In 2003, during a meeting of Ministers of Health of the countries that were about to enter the Union at the time, a particular emphasis was placed on the problem of the shortage of organs and on the advantages that greater collaboration between foreign countries would have produced in this area. On the basis of this recommendation in 2004 a large group of countries, including Italy and Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus and Malta, signed a common statement that turned to the inter-governmental organization European Transplant Network, whose secretariat was initially established in Prague and since 2005 in Italy. Since 2004, the ETN has carried out a series of activities in four main areas, training (seven training courses for healthcare professionals for a total of 240 participants), the presentation of joint scientific projects (MODE, ACCORD) the development of joint initiatives for the exchange of organs (projects COORENOR and FOEDUS, and bilateral agreements), as well as the care of the legal aspects.

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