EQSTB (European Quality System For Tissue Banking)

March 2004 – March 2007

CNT responsible Group 2 – Setting up of the registry

The SANCO project aimed at analyzing the different standards and guidelines used in tissue banks in Europe with regard to the quality and safety; identifying standard operating procedures to create a registry of tissues through a European database; creating models of training for staff and a model for the accreditation of European banks. The main result of this project was the preparation of two volumes of guidelines that were particularly useful for the implementation of European Directives in the field of tissues and cells.

Documents: Tissue banking guidelines, Audit guidelines, Final report

Bibliography. Di Ciaccio P, Ghirardini A, Scaglia S, Nanni Costa A: “The Eurodonor project: an attempt at harmonization”. Organs and tissues June 2003; 6(1): 13-17.

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