DOPKI (Improving the Knowledge and Practice in Organ Donation)

Jan. 2006 – Dec. 2008
CNT responsible WP3 – Definition methodology of the study

The main objective was the creation of specific tools to assess the potential for organ donation and to establish standards of safety and quality of the donation process in order to increase the number of donations. The project has produced in 2009 a “Guide of recommendations for Quality Assurance Programmes in the Deceased Donation Process” on the basis of which the Spanish Organization for Transplant Organization (NTO), along with the American Transplantation Society and WHO, is seeking an international consensus to identify new indicators to measure the potential of cadaveric donation. This activity led to the organization of a major international conference “Striving to Achieve self-sufficiency”, by the Spanish Presidency of the European Union and the WHO, that was held in Madrid 23 to 25 March 2010 that has produced a document of international reference in the field.
Documents: Newsletter 2007, newsletter 2009, guida ai programmi di assicurazione di qualità della donazione.

Bibliography. Domínguez-Gil B, Delmonico FL, Shaheen FAM, Matesanz R, O’Connor K, Minina M, Muller E, Young K, Manyalich M, Chapman J, Kirste G, Al-Mousawi M, Coene L, García VD, Gautier S, Hasegawa T, Jha V, Kwek T, Chen ZK, Loty B, Nanni Costa A, Nathan HM, Ploeg R, Reznik O, Rosendale JD, Tibell A, Tsoulfas G, Vathsala A, Noël L: “The Critical Pathway for Deceased Donation: Reportable Uniformity in the Approach to Deceased Donation”. Transplant International 2011, 24 (4): 373–378

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