Bilateral agreements

Previous to the birth of the Italian National Transplant Center, various bilateral agreements between Italian inter regional ares or regions and some European countries were already put in place. Over the last thirteen years, CNT tried to systematize the agreements of this kind, bringing them within the framework of cooperation agreements signed by the healthcare Italian Ministry of Health, while respecting the interest of some clinical centers for international cooperation. These agreements relate mainly to the training, exchanges of surplus organs and caring of a limited number of patients, usually urgent cases, pediatric or particular complex cases, and for which no adequate care could take place in their the country of origin, but always in accordance with a budget of resources that does not penalize any participating country. Currently such agreemets are in place with Poland, Slovakia, Malta, Greece, and are sporadically exchange of organs with many other countries, such as the area of Eurotransplant, France, Spain.

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