May 2014 – April 2017

The ARTHIQS Joint action (Good practice on donation, collection, testing, processing, storage and distribution of gamets for assisted reproductive technologies and hemopoietic stem cells for transplantation) aims at laying down a series of guidelines in the field of haematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and assisted reproduction (ART), in the light of implementation of Directive 2004/23/EU setting standards of quality and safety for the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human cells and tissues.

It has a duration of 36 months beginning in May 2014 and is co-financed by DG Sanco of the European Commission.

The actions include:

  1. Drafting of guidelines for the improvement of skills in the PMA sector of each Member State;
  2. Definition of specific shared guidelines regarding the main characteristics of HSC donors (consanguineous and non-consanguineous) and regarding the follow-up t register o be implemented at national level;
  3. Minimum requirements for authorization/re-authorization of the CBB (banks of umbilical – cord blood banks) and to the quality standards and minimum quantities for the CBB (public/private, allogeneic/autologous)

The joint action will be divided into five work packages, three horizontal (coordination, dissemination and evaluation) and two technical: definition of guidelines and training for the Competent Authorities in the field of PMA (WP4) and safety guidelines in transplantation of hematopoietic cells, the follow-up register and CB banking (WP5).

The National Transplant Centre is co-leader of the pack on hematopoietic cells, together with the Croatian Competent Authority and the Italian National Blood Centre. The action is coordinated by the French Agence de la Biomedecine and involves 16 from 16 Member States

Website: www.arthiqs.eu

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